Poland - Mazovian and Lublin

Polish LL will be carried out as “replicative” study, to test the possibilities, challenges, risks, and chances linked with the use of SI developed byWaste4Soil partners. The possible partners interested in SI based on food marked have already been invited to be a part of the Polish LL, but its final structure will evolve along with new project results, opportunities and chances discovered during the project implementation. On a basis of LL participatory activities, FPR streams will be examined from the local food market, which will be harmonized with Waste4Soil LL actions, especially in terms of Impact Assessment. 
Food processing residues:

FPR streams from the local food market

FPR streams from the local food market


1 Waste4Soil partner is directly involved in the Polish LL: IUNG. Other Waste4Soil partners will be involved to be a part of the Polish LL, through analyses and support, especially technology providers. IUNG will promote FPR-to-SI approach among stakeholders and will search for a broad list of actors to be involved in LL.  

IUNG will act as a LL coordinator, research center for environmental and production aspects of soil-improver application and we will provide a “bio-physical” dimension of a LL – a test fields for impact assessment. Several stakeholders are planned to be invited to be a part of the Polish LL at the initial stage of LL: Federation of Polish Food Banks; National Fund for Environmental Protection and the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, etc.