Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (Hungary)

Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN) is Hungary’s largest public applied research institution. BZN offers complex scientific and technical solutions to achieve an efficient and fruitful operation for its clients.

Main Role: 

BZN, as a research organisation, supports the activities of the Hungarian Living Lab. It is a replicatory site as well, ready to test any solutions established in the project, in laboratory tests as well as in field conditions. BZN is the leader of task dealing with describing the business model behind the solutions (T6.1).As a special task, BZN will monitor the soil improvers performance on plants’ health.


Involved persons: 

Akos Koos, head of department

Nora Hatvani, research fellow

Katalin Kalai, project manager

The Consortium

  • Center for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece)
  • The Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (France)
  • University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Soilfood OY (Finland)
  • Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (Spain)
  • Università degli studi di Parma (Italy)
  • Assembly of European Regions producing Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants (France)
  • Leitat Technological Center (Spain)
  • SEDE Environment (France)
  • 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd. (Hungary)
  • Instituto Technologico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logistica(Spain)
  • Legacoop Agroalimentare (Italy)
  • WINGS ICT Solutions (Greece)
  • Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands)
  • Confagricoltura general Confederation of Italian Agriculture (Italy)
  • Biomasa Peninsular S.A (Spain)
  • Institute of soil Science and Plant Cultivation State Research Institute (Poland)
  • Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (Greece)
  • Waste Management of Western Macedonia S.A. (Greece)
  • KOTO d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Gesco Societa Cooperativa Agricola (Italy)
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (Hungary)
  • Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Spanish National Research Council (Spain)
  • Science and Research Centre Koper (Slovenia)
  • Euroquality SAS (France)
  • Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Switzerland)